Teo's & Mano A Mano

Restaurant + Lounge


 We wanted to create a neighbourhood restaurant & lounge that brings something new and fresh to the heart of little Italy: our menu is based on Italian comfort food where the taste and quality makes you feel like you're eating a home cooked meal. Coming to Teos & Mano a Mano, you will get a full experience—not only with our food but also great cocktails created with house made syrups and infusions. And oh yeah, the music is great too.


Cynthia Bettencourt Photography

We are a brand new restaurant to the Corydon strip and realize that branding and advertising is VERY important, not only to get our name out there, but also to show people who we are and what we are all about...great food!! With that being said, we knew we had to bring in an expert...a photographer that could capture the essence of our restaurant and produce some great pictures of our venue and food. 

We knew this was a tall order, and after researching various photographers, we chose one that we thought could accomplish our long list of demands (and it didn't hurt that she is a HUGE fan of our food). The photographer we chose was Cynthia Bettencourt of  Cynthia Bettencourt Photography (visit her page...her pictures are AMAZING). Although Cynthia had never done a food photography shoot, based on her past work, we were confident that she could produce some gorgeous shots and we were not disappointed! Here are just a few of the  pictures from the shoot...we know they'll get your mouth watering!