Teo's & Mano A Mano

Restaurant + Lounge


 We wanted to create a neighbourhood restaurant & lounge that brings something new and fresh to the heart of little Italy: our menu is based on Italian comfort food where the taste and quality makes you feel like you're eating a home cooked meal. Coming to Teos & Mano a Mano, you will get a full experience—not only with our food but also great cocktails created with house made syrups and infusions. And oh yeah, the music is great too.


Cocktails and Martinis

Watermelon Fizz

vodka,watermelon syrup and lemon juice

Hunter and the Wolf

orange vodka, white wine, mint, lemon, pom juice

Teo’s Caesar

vodka, clamato, signature spices 

Here Comes the Sun

tequila, agave, strawberry, orange, bubbles, hint of cinnamon



Dark side of the Moon  

rum, berries, black pepper, lime, ginger beer

Ruby Tuesday

vodka, st germaine, ruby red grapefruit, lemonade, bitters

Whiskey Sour

rye, egg white, lemon

Ring of Fire

rye, lemon, orange, egg white, spicy pancetta

Black Betty

coconut vodka, espresso, burnt orange syrup, coconut flakes

Gadda Da Vida

gin, lime, basil, apple, lemon

Come Fly with Me

gin, Campari, cinzano, primativo float, orange zest

Classic Martini

grey goose / Bombay gin, vermouth






Bud Light, Budweiser, Coors Banquet, Old Style Pilsner, Granville Island

Domestic Premium  

Goose Island, Rolling Rock, Keith’s, Mill Street, Shock Top, Belgian Moon,


Stella, Kronenbourg Blanc


Standard, Papst Blue Ribbon, Savannah Cider, Half Pints St.James, Fort Garry Dark


Guinness, Corona, Heineken, Miller Genuine Draft, Sol, Peroni